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Membership Structure

1. Composition of Membership. The Membership of the Corporation with full voting rights, in accordance with the Bylaws, shall be as follows:

1.1. The Initial Members, who shall have full voting rights at the First Annual Meeting, shall be those persons who have attended at least one "organizing meeting" since January 2007, as determined by the initial Board of Directors from the minutes of such meetings.

1.2. The General Members, who shall have full voting rights subsequent to the First Annual Meeting, in accordance with the Bylaws, shall be (a) the Resident Members, who shall be all persons who lease or license the use of land, housing, or other assets from the Corporation, who lease, license the use of, or own housing that is located on land leased by another entity from the Corporation, or who live on any land or in any building held by the Corporation; and (b) the Associate Members, who shall be all other persons who qualify as General Members under the Bylaws of the Corporation.

2. Maintenance of Membership.

2.1. To maintain General Membership beyond a person's first year of General Membership a person must either be a Resident Member or have satisfied the criteria for Associate Membership contained in the Corporation's Bylaws.

3. Rights of Membership.

3.1. All classes of General Members have the following rights:

3.1.1. Every General Member shall have the right to participate in meetings of the Membership, to cast one vote on all matters properly put before the Members for consideration, to nominate and participate in the election of the Board of Directors as provided by the Bylaws, to participate in the process of developing and approving the Corporation's annual budget as provided by the Bylaws and other policies of the Corporation, to serve on the Board of Directors or committees if chosen, to review the financial statements and records of the Corporation, and to receive notices and the minutes of Membership Meetings and Annual Reports of the Corporation.

3.1.2. The assent of the General Membership, in accordance with the Bylaws, shall be required before action may be taken on the assessment of membership dues, the sale of land, the establishment or alteration of the "resale formula," the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws, and the dissolution of the Corporation.

3.1.3. Other rights may be granted to the General Membership in the Corporation's Bylaws.


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